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S02E08 NO ing is Half the Battle

No! Non! Nein! Niet! Or in multiple languages, what a lot of people call the Cybersecurity department. If you're tired of hearing podcasts, conference talks, or CISOs prattle on about how Cybersecurity must align with the business and how Cybersecurity needs to move away from being the department of no...that's gonna work out great! Because we have Nada of that in this episode. This episode is about how you should use the word NO - but not in the way you might be thinking.

Listen in as we talk about how using NO is just as important as using YES. What Cybersecurity does (you know, the yes part) and what Cybersecurity doesn't do (the NO part) are equally important. And of course we have the usual suspects of pop-culture references and pain-in-the-rear acronyms.