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Jan. 10, 2023

S02E05 - Scaling Culture with Dean Sysman CEO of Axonius

S02E05 - Scaling Culture with Dean Sysman CEO of Axonius
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Have you ever had a favorite TV Show hit it big in's first season - only to see subsequent seasons fall flat? (West World, anyone?). It can happen to companies when they grow fast too. In this episode, we talk to a CEO who is ensuring that does NOT happen. A Cybersecurity company that has rocketship growth yet has maintained its culture of customer-centric service and product. We chat with Dean Sysman, CEO of Axonius - a cybersecurity company that helps answer that age-old cybersecurity question that has been a LOT harder to answer until recently - "What the he$$ and who the he$$ is on my network or connected to it?" 
Join us as Dean talks about scaling culture, listening to your customers, and not judging cybersecurity professionals because they have a background in bartending (that's me!), or music (that's someone else!).