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F-Sides: The Cyber Humanity Podcast

Announcing Season 2 of F-Sides. F-Sides, the annoyingly award-lacking, #1 ranked cybersecurity podcast according to Muscle Car Poetry Magazine...and not coincidentally, the biggest money-losing not-for-profit venture this side of starting an airline.

Have you ever thought that Cybersecurity focuses on the wrong things?

Every two weeks, join two experienced and often comfortably disagreeing CISOs as they focus on moving the elephant (“human psychology”) in Cyber. If you work in Cyber, are affected by it, or have an interest in it, you’ll find that our discussions, debates, and interviews with thought leaders across domains apply to Cyber in surprising ways.

We are taking questions from our massive audience this season for a dedicated question-and-answer episode.
So far all 27 of you, if you have a question you've wanted to ask us, or a guest of ours, send your questions to this email address and if yours is chosen, you'll get the shoutout, and the question answered on our last episode of the season. Don't be shy!

Recent Episodes

Jan. 24, 2023

S02E06 - The Metrics, the OTHER metrics

Can metrics tell stories? They better be! if you want them to be of any value. In this episode, we talk about, there's that word again, storytelling and how metrics can be good at it or bad at it. From …

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Jan. 10, 2023

S02E05 - Scaling Culture with Dean Sysman CEO of Axonius

Have you ever had a favorite TV Show hit it big in's first season - only to see subsequent seasons fall flat? (West World, anyone?). It can happen to companies when they grow fast too. In this episode, we talk …

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Dec. 27, 2022

S02E04 - Controls - The Speedometer, Brakes, and Highway Patrol of Cy…

Ever had a speeding ticket? Or have you ever slowed down as you see a speed limit sign? Or used your brakes? If you answered YES to any of these - great! It means you drive. And it means you've …

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Dec. 13, 2022

S02E03 - Crisis of Infinite Podcasts - Threat-X Crossover

What’s better than one F-Sides podcast? TWO podcasts. Listen in as we join forces for our first-ever crossover episode with Gene Fay, ThreatX CEO, and host of the “eXecutive Security” podcast. And unlike those pesky DC comic ...

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Nov. 29, 2022

S02E02 - Energy Vampires aka Vendors

What do Lestat, Dracula, and Morbius have in common? They're all rookies when it comes to the best of the best energy vampires - aka annoying vendors. In this season 2 episode, we bite into why working with vendors can …

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Nov. 15, 2022

S02E01 - Recruiting with James Warren

Ever wondered how to break into the cybersecurity field? Maybe you're already in and know that retaining talent is a challenge. Or want to know what employees and employers are looking for in Cyber? Or maybe you just like cat...

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About the Hosts

Jason Loomis Profile Photo

Jason Loomis

Chief Information Security Officer

Jason Loomis is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer with extensive experience in e-commerce, banking and finance, and healthcare among other verticals. Jason has a BS in MIS from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from the University of Oregon. Jason is; CISSP, CISM, CISA, multiple GIAC, and SCUBA certified.

While Cybersecurity may be his chosen career path, his passion, drive, and intellectual curiosity are in leadership, organizational decision making, and giving to those who have less through national and international disaster relief. He also frequently argues the case with himself that it’s these very interests that make him a better Cybersecurity practitioner…it’s not entirely clear who is winning that argument or why he bothers debating with such a frustrating individual.

Paul Love Profile Photo

Paul Love

Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer

Paul Love is the Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer for a financial services company and has been in the Information Security field for almost 30 years. Paul has an MSc in Network Security, has been an author of nine books with major publishers on multiple topics, including security, Linux, and other topics. Paul has been a part of many different organizations in multiple security roles, including the US Marine Corps, Schlumberger, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Cetera Financial, 5/3 Bank, Ally Bank, Freddie Mac, and an internet startup. He enjoys helping others through his work on books and in addition to writing, he has been a tech editor for many books covering security topics, Unix, Oracle, and other technical and non-technical subjects. Paul has over 20 certifications including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCSP, FIP, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPP/C, CIPT, CIPM, ITIL Foundations, Security+, and many others.

He has extensive experience in Information Security in Financial Services, Government, Software as a Service, consulting, and startups.

Paul has been passionate about Information Security since creating his first disk operating program in the 80's on an Atari XE that included security components. His goal is to demystify security and share with leadership and others how to be effective in security protections. Paul is also passionate about process improvement and simplifying complexity. As a security practitioner, he has seen many things that work and don't work, but is in a constant improvement mode and looking to hear insight from others, as well as have a good argument with his equally talented co-host.