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Nov. 15, 2022

S02E01 - Recruiting with James Warren

S02E01 - Recruiting with James Warren
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Ever wondered how to break into the cybersecurity field? Maybe you're already in and know that retaining talent is a challenge. Or want to know what employees and employers are looking for in Cyber? Or maybe you just like cats... if you thought, "Hey, that's what I'm thinking" to any of these - you're in luck! We have a great episode for you kicking off Season 2 of F-Sides. F-Sides, the annoyingly award-lacking, #1 ranked cybersecurity podcast according to Muscle Car Poetry Magazine...and not coincidentally, the biggest money-losing not for profit venture this side of starting an airline. 

Join us as we chat with James Warren; Executive Consultant and recruiter for Stanton House and humble recipient of our "What song from the 80's best describes you?" award of "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito from The Karate Kid - the old school one, not the reboot one that's challenging The Walking Dead for going on for way too many seasons...  

If you want to know more about recruiting from someone who does it great (I mean, we covered that with the whole "You're the Best" thing), listen in...”